Friday, September 26, 2008


I tell you people.

I actually planned to blog with my pictures,
but thanks to my USB.


All the pictures are stolen from other's blog.
(I have tons of pics in my phone!)


(pictures will be edit in once my usb cable is functioning.)

Lets start from last Monday -

I went to Taipan along with Tiff, Sher & Minhui after school.
Secret Recipe session with Tiff & Sher's dad & brother.

Oh & Tiff drove. :)

Went to Macd drive-thru after dinner.
With sookwai, jason, juan & all.

Fibiee was there too :)

Last Tuesday -

Melisa picked me up early in the morning because I have to acc her to her college.

Later on, Yong Hui picked me up & den we had this yumcha session at AC.
Tzia, Ivan & their friends.
Yong Hui, Juan, Bryan etc.

Headed to Aman Suria.
Yumcha again at Kayu.
A bunch of people - The gang & also Silas, Ah boi, Leland.. etc.

After Kayu,
Headed to AC for foos session & beer session.

Last Wednesday -

Early in the morning:
Yong Hui picked me up & we headed to usj21 for dimsum.

Thanks to Juan & the other guy from spending us :)
Yes, we camwhored a lot.

I'm random.


I love this picture, somehow.




Yes, I can drive.

Loves :)

Juan picked me around 2pm I think?
& then we went Pyramid Starbucks for study group.
Ahah, with Nicole, Jiashin, Amanda, Sarah, Jie Yi & the guys.
Oh I met up with Jamie! I miss her. :)

Ate dinner at ss14 bak kut teh with the others.

Last Thrus

Never went anywhere. I think lah?

Last Fri

Hanged out my dear Melisa for the whole day because its been a while since we've hang out together.

I miss those moments :)
Met Jeff Piong, he said some stupid stuff. -_____-

I left Pyramid around 10+pm.
Jeffy & Deric picked me up & we went AC.

yumcha until 1+am I think?

Last Sat

omg I'm actually stoning & wondering what I did at the afternoon.
& gosh I dont rmb.

Oh I rmb, I went City Harvest around 3.30pm.
Jason picked me around 8pm.

We went to ss14 for dinner.
& the ss15 Racks.

& I know I went Poppy that night.
Oh yeah, I saw Hui Sien, Canise!! :D

I did't know Jason Voon, KimKiat was there also. Hah.
Leland, Joewin was there too.

Its a long night.

Yes I'm the tipsy one.

Sarah, Jiashin & Nicole.

Love ya'll :)

Last Sun

Chelsea VS Liverpool.
I think I played mahjong? I dont rmb.


Yumcha & pool session with Tzia.
Joshua picked me from AC & I went Pyramid with Jiashin :)

Did a little shopping :)

Jason picked us around dinner time,
ss15 drive thru again.


I went to Fiona's house.
For the singing thingy?
Performance for malam mesra. :)

After that, went to ss15 drive thru again with Weinian & Tekyik.
They're maths pro. Ahah-


I guess I did better this time?

Hm, I went out with Jiashin.
I dont rmb where we went.


Thursday (yesterday)

Jiashin & I went to Old Town along with Shermaine.
I miss you so much syg! :)

Later on, Nicole & David came & meet us.
We then went to the Ramadhan thingy at ss14.

Oh & Brad came back from Aussie without telling Jiashin!
Haha, Jiashin was super happy when she saw Brad!

Awww, stay sweet :)

Brad was actually calling & sms-ing with me all the while because I have to tell him where we are.
& I have to ran away from Jiashin.

I told her it was my mum!

Jiashin, I love you lah! :)



I predict,
SS15 jamming session with the performance people.

RedBox around 5.30pm.

At night, Manda's bday :)

Oh tomorrow might be going up Genting with Jeffy & all.
Have fun people! :)

Nicole/ MOS, last last week.

Sarah, Manda & Nicole/ MOS, last last week.

I thought I can't live without you.
Eventually, I can.

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