Friday, September 05, 2008

I know you're afraid of me :)

I'm currently in this:

Trials in on Monday.

Form 5's, All the best! :)

(A picture taken when I was half way studying =/)
Praise The Lord because he gave me the power & strength!

I'll do my very best,
& leave the rest to you Lord.

I believe in you :)


before I start,
Just a shout out to Kok Fei:



The week was pretty awesome.
Filled myself with a lot of Macd french fries, chocolates & of cause my malay, moral & chinese's notes.

I went Pizza Uno along with my dad & brother on Monday night for dinner.

You know,
Adele loves Pizza Uno! :)

Menu lah.

This is very nice! You gotta try it!

Mushroom soup.

I love these more than I love Jay Chou!
Ceyh.. :D

A must-try!

I went Macd again with the same partner:

Tan, Tzia x2 :)

Because the next day was Chinese paper.
Thanks Tzia for your notes! Heee.

Oh & I skipped school because I'm too sleepy. Ahah!

Science tuition at 8.15pm.
Studied chinese for the whole night(as in sleep, wake up, sleep, wake up)



Chinese paper was okay- I guess?
I aim A for chinese, I pray that I will really score in chinese!

Well, I went to Macd again.
With Tzia & Shinyee. :)


Guess who? ;p



HYV & OHS ! :D

Saw my baby tiffy!
Minhui & friends was there too :)

Real candid.
I bet they don't know!

Did't you realize we actually sat at the same place for so many days? :)

& the camwhore-session begun.

Shin yee & Tzia :)

Me & Shinyee.
Haha, What am I doing?

Sugar babe.



Yes, chocolates kept us alive!

Now I understand why girls spend a lot.

Went tuition around 6pm, went back home about 7pm.
Suppose to have another tuition by 8.30pm.


Slept from 7++ until the next day. -_________-


Skipped school again because its malay Islam paper.

A very healthy day!
I woke up at 7.10am, went jogging alone. (Tzia cant wake up) ;p
Started studying by 8am & Tzia picked me around 10am.

& here we go again - MACDONALS.
No pictures taken. Ahah?

Went home by 5pm.
I continued my studies alone at home :(

Camwhore kept me alive too.

Not forgetting chocolates!

I bet I gained more weight. :(


Thats all for now!
Conclusion: I was in Macd almost everyday.

Might be going today as well! :)
Say Hi if you saw me!


Oh ya,
I'm working tomorrow & Sunday at KL.

Working time is 12-2.30pm.
Then break time 2.30pm-6pm.

If you're at KL area, please find me :(
& Wish me luck for the roadshow tomorrow!

I don't stress myself.
I enjoy studying :)

Love you Lord.

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