Sunday, August 24, 2008

Holiday = awesome!


Enough of dramas, life is still going on :)
God, I pray for forgiveness once again towards everything.
Touch everyone's heart.

Oh before I start,
Let me show you people something! :)

hey donkeyyy
24 Aug 08 02:13

ure such an idiot. an ure so pathetic. you wanna post about things and when ppl coment it. you bitches wanna get angry about it. uhh. such a pain. get a life. dont think ure so good
24 Aug 08 02:12

LOL. i feel what u meant by that.
23 Aug 08 23:47

I can check IP address lah okay.
I don't understand why you wanna do this to me & Juicys.
I/We don't even know you.

& you don't even know anything JANESSA.
Too bad, I don't care :)

I love Hiong Beng so much! :D

Alright, the week is really tiring & fun.
Lets start from Monday night -

After tuition, I headed to Taipan, Pizza Uno along with Jia Shin to meet up with Tiff & Jess.

Pure candid.




I went to Pyramid with Fibiee & Zhen. :)
We went Red Box & Gasoline.


(sorry la my camera phone sucked)

Sing it out babe! :D

She's so cute.

See, I told you she's cute.

We shall hang out more often.

Lui, Lets go City Harvest's church! :)

After Pyramid,
I went back home & change.

Oh I pay a visit to Tzia :)
I love you too, you're someone I can talk to either!

Study together! :p

Tzia's dad drop me at STC around 8pm.
Oh & my hubby's there! :)

Baby wanyee :)

Thanks Julius for fetching me to court 9. :)
(5Dedikasi's BBQ)

The place & the peoples

The bbq thingy.

Ying, Del & Manda.

Vina, Mei Foong, Ying & Amanda

I left the place around 11pm.
Yuan Ming picked me up & then we went yumcha! :D

Jia Shin & Jess! :)


I thought I'm going to MV with Kapoh, Manatau last minutes say she cant make it.
Was stoning at home.

But then suddenly she said she's at AC.
Good, so much easier for me. :)

Kapoh wifey!

Yes, Shi Zhang came in the girls toilet.

In the car.

Thanks for driving sooo "carefully" :p

While waiting..
(Seh Zun lorr)

Versace's fragrances!

& then we went Pyramid.
Oh I tried shisha, yerr. I don't like it.

Cute leh my wife! :P

This 2 lagi cute! :D

Lala wanna be.

Guess who's?

They went off around dinner time & I went up to Melisa's shop.
Was suppose to attend Tong's bday but it ended up with a mess.

I'm glad i've you:

(Was at ss14 eating our supper)


Juicy's gathering along with Wanyee.
We went Redbox together for the 1st time, & Its fun! :p

Tiff, Sher, Wan, Wai, Mei.

My left side.

My right side.

Went Gasoline for dinner.

After that,
Toilet time!! :D

Camwhore, Make-ups, change..
(because we're going to Barcelona)

The one i treasure.

My hearts.

Oh & Soya was there too! :)

Kim Gary.

Love you darling!

Nice scenery :)

Headed to Barcelona by Bradley's car.
Went toilet again.

Part of Juicys.

Only 3 of us went barce. :(

But I met Di Chang & Jacqueline!

Oh my, Barcelona's thursday ladies night was super happening!
I met so many friends there! :)

Jia Renn.



Xiao Zhen
(the 1st time you went club is b'cz of him,
& at least you saw him already.)

On our way back.
(Jess was so pissed while she's on the phone)


Sangat bergaya! :D


I met Hean & Vincseen at Cyber.
They wanted to go Barcelona but they cant enter so we brought them in :)

Hope you guys had fun yeah!


I met April!
& those hot stuff I mentioned in my last post!

We dance & party like there's no tomorrow!
Aww, Super fun!

Oh I met Nic, Jeff, Gary, Zheng Wei, Eypul & don't know what time already.

She's so hot!
(sorry i cant make it to Maison/Barce yesterday! =/)


Boon Mun :)

Oh & yesterday was boring. :(
I'm sorry because I'm very lazy to elaborate more already.


This coming sat MOS?

Merdeka wor, Takkan don't go for countdown?
But, SPM trials Monday wor, must study leh.


I don't know.

p/s: Anyone watched the Olympic closing ceromony?
p/s (ii): Study group nonstop.
p/s (iii): Nerdy Adele is transformed.

Love your enemies.

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