Monday, July 14, 2008

Read this post, & feel the love! *fly kisses*

You gotta envy me. :)

I'm having so much fun!
I love myself for having superpowers friends that can make me smile.
That's the way, Adele should be.

Having a tough time transferring pictures :(
But there's still so muuuuuch more pictures with Sher & Tiff!
I've got so many things to blog about!


Oh & my birthday is JULY 15,
not 12,13th..
But I still wanna thanks those who wished me on July 12th, 13th..



Before I start,
I just wanna GIVE A SUPER BIG HUG to all my friends & babes that gave me such a happy weekend. :)


Friday (11.07.08)

Went to Pyramid for dinner since Jiayann, Siewcen & Rujing cant make it that day. :(
Headed to Barcelona that night.

It was Cally's b'day celebration & FYI, she & I are born in the same year, same day!

I was pretty bored because its inside the VIP room
& the room is fulled with almost all guys. (I dont have a girl along with me :/)

But It was fun at last!
Haha, met so many friends there!
I went with Yushi, Munsing, Simon, Kent, Koay & KokMun.
Simon asked YeeHui along too!

Met Yong Hui & Guan Wei at the dance floor.
Not forgetting NICK from myJAYsian too!
I did't know you all are friends :)

Alyssa, Derrick, Jeffy, Brian & Jason was there too.
A lot more lar, I cant rmb their names. :p

Outfit for the night.

I love Kim Gary '

Our food :)

Walking to barcelona.

The VIP room's chair & mirror :)

kent, kokmun, munsing & koay.

Yong Hui my loudao :)


Oh the VIP room's toilet rocked.

I never edit this pic

brian, derrick, yushi & jeffy.

One last picture before we went yumcha.

The night was fun :)
Meeting new ppl was extra fun :)

Saturday (12.07.08)

Had a lil lunch party at Gasoline, Pyramid with my CHS friends.
I miss them so much!

Glad that almost all of them turned up :)
Only Hui Bin cant make it ;

No doubt,
I really had fun.
Get to meet them after so long & had some lil chat.

I felt so touched.

A real smile from my heart :)

I miss CHS peeps a lot, a lot.

The place & the people.

FAILED/ pictures.

RANDOM/FUNNY pictures.

I'm a good stalker. :D

Huey Yann in yellow ;
Farah in black ;
Jessica covering her face ;
Dee without her glasses!

This will be a memorable moment.

Pik Wee ; Lin Yng & Fibiee

Pictures perfect.

My 1st b'day cake :)

Look at my candles.
Its so special! I did that on my last year's cake too! :)

Thanks for coming!


My once very very best friend.
loves '

Becca & I.
(my only cute superman!)

Thanks for all your presents! :D

Hoeyen: Roxy's flip-flop
Rabecca: Topshop's undies
Lin Yng & Fibiee: Bikini

Melisa: Forever 21's Dress/top


My best b'day present from God. :)

Went home around 7+pm.
Headed to Jia Shin's place along with Wan yee, Jessica.

My very very very FIRST TIME BAKING! :P
(Glad that I bought the correct ingredients!)

Nice kan?

Jia Shin's poser pictures :)

I'm a poser too :p

okay lar hor?
first time doing these.

With lil flags on it! :)

Hope they will really feel touched.
Gave them the next day.

Sunday (13.07.08)

Cant wake up to attend church.
Felt so guilty. =S
I pray for forgiveness. Amen.

Went to Jia Shin's place & then took a cab to Sunway Club.

Its not my b'day party,
Its just Juicy's gathering + a b'day cake for me :)

We tooked pictures for the online boutique & swam only.
So don't feel misunderstood that why I did not invite you aite?

Someone that can accompany me always :)
I appreaciate you.

Mei & Wai.
Tzia & Mich is the hot-sweet chiq! :D

Thanks to tiffy! :)
A lil hand made card <3>
Given by: Sher & Wan.

Sher: syg, thanks for everything. :)
Wan: hubby, things would't went right without you :)

Jess bought the candles! :)
(eh i realize I dont have pictures with JESS!!!!!!!!)

The super pro photog- miss glam tiff

I cant wait to see you again! :)

Thanks Juicy's for the b'day cake & the cute candles!

We took a lot of pictures until the Sunway club securities even thought we're models.
I had fun :)

Mum picked me up around 8pm but I reached home almost 10pm.
You know why?






Her car broke down.
Sorry mummy.

Reached home & Dad bought me Big Apples! :)
My 1st time eating it!

I prefer J.Co I think. ;p

Monday (14.07.08)

Went to school today as usual :)
I cant wait till tomorrow!

I cant believe that I'm turning 17 after 12midnight later!
Oh & I cant wait to get my driving license!!

Time really flies, I realized many things had changed.
We cant do anything but to accept it, this is life :)

Gonna stay back at school tomorrow!
My school mates are celebrating with me!
FUHHH, 3rd b'day cake's coming! :DDD

I love them more & more each day.
That's why I would't wanna skipped school anymore :)

p/s: I spend a lot lately :(
p/s (2): Talent Quest Finals in already at the corner, this Sat.
p/s (3): I pray the 1st prize will be my belated present!
p/s (4): I want a laptop from my dad.

I still got a lot to blog about!

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