Saturday, July 05, 2008

I hate Angelababy!

tired/stress/lack of sleep look.

Once you're mine, & you'll be mine forever.
Jay Chou & Archuleta's love.

before I start,
A big shout out to TAN TZIA TZIA!

Happy 17th b'day!

4.7.08 which means yesterday, is her actual birthday! ;)

I ate BR again 5 days ago.

;) / ;( / ;D ?

My hubby's favourite lahh!
I love it too! ;)

Took plenty of pictures during school time due to the school page thingy.
I want the pictures so badly! ;(

Stay tuned alright? heee ;p

Yesteray was OPEN DAY which means,
Report Card Day.

I went school till 9.15am, & we went back home.
Headed to Sunway Pyramid together with SookYin.


i love my school mates man i tell you! ;)

The one who stressed up herself for nothing :D

Pik Wee came too!
(my chs buddy! too nice to explain! :D)

my must-find-bestfriend-when-i'm-at-pyramid, Melisa! ;)

Had lunch with Sook Yin & Pik Wee at Gasoline.
Yumcha session at Kim Gary with Yushi & Melisa along with Pik Wee.
Lasenza & Guess moments along with them! ;p

I likeyy Gasoline!

Guess is having sales now people!
UP TO 50% discount.

I've got my purse for my mum!
(i'm such a good daughter!)

Lasenza's cash voucher!
(we went in Lasenza 4 times ytd!)

I love my new lingerie! ;)

My second b'day present from PikWee & the boyf again!

Bought Tzia's present here too!
Shared with Monwei! :D

Look at the receipt,


Chilled at A & W.

Forever 21's colourful.
I love it.

Ytd was her b'day too!
bumped into her!

the super adorable ones.

Goodiesss ;p

Going out later!

The Talent Quest's finals is on July 19.
I prayed the 1st prize will be my belated present.


p/s: Mich's bday is on the 7th! ;)

Too much to do yet too little time.

I'll make an effort,
to finish everything of mine.

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