Monday, June 02, 2008

Prettiest moments I've gone through.

Have been going through some tough moments currently.

Life is always full of challenge,
face it & you'll get the victory.

I'm back people! ;)

This is a long long post.

Make sure you read it all if you want too.
Joking lah ;p


I went out with Melisa ;)

Spotted her LV stuff once I went up her car. :D

Her rabbit.

She dont want me to snap her picture but she cant do anything ;D


We went Ou that day & Pyramid.
Had fun.

I miss the way we hang out last time.
Everyday, every night, everywhere. ;)

Posing for her car.
(spot her number plat)

Went Kim Gary.
Asked Hueih Lynn & Ying Bin to come over too.

Went home at night.
I had a waaandeerrrfooool day with her. ;D


My dear Grandpa.

Went to visit my granpa with mum early in the morning.
Haih, my grandpa cant even regonize me.

He's so so slim & he cant even talk. :(
Mum says he is ready to leave the earth very soon.

I'm so sad.

All I can do is visit him more often.
Thanks to all that visit grandpa especially Aunty Nellie & Aunty Karen.

He's so weak & slim.

See the difference of the legs between mum & granpa's

Life is short.
Appreciate everyone before its too late.

i love you, grandpa.

After that,
I met my CHS's friends Dee Chzian, Cc, Pik Wee & Jess around 4+ at pyramid.

We went for steamboat opposite pyramid! :D

Really "eat all you can" !

Cc, Dee, Pik Wee & Jessica.

Walked back to pyramid.

They left around 8pm to Pasar Malam at OUG.
I cant follow because I have no transport to go home.

That's why that night I was alone in CC. :(

Until Melisa came & fetch me to SS2 for our yumcha session ;)

Reached home around 11pm that night.
& was preparing for the next day forum.

Friday (30.05.08)

It was Leo Forum.

Reached school early in the morning.
& It was my very first time joining this.

Overall, It was OK, so so.
I felt the semangat of Leo lah. ;)

And I wanna let you guys know,


the Leo clubs of Region 7&8,

had donated RM10,000 to the victims in China! ;)

(skip the details)

Very proud lah okay!

Heading to Ipoh.
(ugly face)




Reached Ipoh around noon.

Was wearing this throughout the whole event.

The Red Cresent Hall.

Really, really, BAD SERVICE.

After our so called lunch, we were separated to groups & we played this.

The longest line.

SuiYin's team. Spot her?

She's not in also! :D

Used recycle items to do these.


After the team building, we headed back to the hotel & get ready for the dinner.

Guess what?

we were rushing until suiyin, suhui & yivonne had to bath together because we're out of time.
(FYI, we had SEVEN people in a room with 2 single bed.)

My outfit for the theme: Starlight.

Danny Wen Li Min.
(he was one of the guest)

Adele Chow.

Sing Sui Yin

Hooi Yi-Vonne & Chun Su Hui.

Gold heels

The Starlight night was a disaster at first due to the location & food.

But the night was awesome when Dina(One of the the Malaysian Idol) & Danny Wen(the artist) came out & rock the night. :)


Back to Hotel.

I know I'm a poser.

Susu my abang ;)

Our outfit.

Yi-Vonne :)

& here comes the U8 sexy womans. ;D

Everyone was extreamly tired due to the teambuilding & HOT sun.
We slept straight after our shower. =/


Was the Opening Ceremony & The Awards Presentation.
Headed to the hall after our breakfast.

Guess what again?
(Yi-Vonne & I did not manage to get out breakfast.)

Tired smile

The sweetest couple ;p

Us with Uniform.

Take 2.

The big red tie. :D

Suiyin & I

Spot all the HOT models.

After few hours in the hall, we went back to our room around 4plus & started to get ready for the night.

Theme: Black & White.

Sexy pic kan?

"hello, its black & white night"



Everyone is puntual enough but guess what?
(the bus came late.)

Prudence & Xian Jin.

Sui Yin & I again.

Nice completion under the lights! :D

Sing Sui Yin manyak HOT.

They rocked my school life.


The night was so much better compare to the first night.
The food was nice, the environment was so much better too.

& We really enjoyed the night. ;)


Its the last day of forum.
Packing our things before going back.

the place 7 ppl slept together.


The Closing ceremony.
Very very bored =/

Very very swollen eyes due to the lack of sleep.

SSY's idea.

We're bored enough to do this.

Shared my boredness with Su Hui's leg.

After the ceremony ends,

We, the F groups were gathering outside the hall to get some goodies because we get a BIG HAMPER.

One of my F team members.

Rui Yann.
(I'm not sure bout the spelling)

Her friend.
Careen. (not sure bout the name spelling either)

Bye bye our room

Spot Justene. HAHA

Yi-Vonne, I, Samuel & Su Hui.

This lil guy is only 15 year old but he really can sing.

He's way too cute! :p

Samuel's school- Sam Tet from Ipoh.

Our bus was delayed until 4pm.
Was really bored until I joined Jess & Rin.

& we played Ice & Water until our bus came. :D
Damn childish right?

But I tell you.

Leo Forum was my experience. ;)

p/s: There's much much more pictures from Airin, Justene & Tharshini's camera.
p/s (ii): Going to tiff's place tonight I think.


Oh ya, Its my mum & the twins bday today! :)




There's only ONE MORE WEEK to have fun!

Must study real hard when school starts.

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