Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sour or Bitter?

Before I start,

I just wanna say that,


You know what?

Through HuiBin's blog,

She mentioned that the media said that JayChou will donate all his concert profit to the victims in Sze Chuan caused by the earthquake.


Donate all concert profit to victims!?


This is JAYCHOU lah!

My love lah! :D




But maybe this pretty lil cute guy had my attention these days.

He had JUMP into my heart!
I wonder how he did it! :D

My David Archuleta!

I like cute guys lah.


Cook is cool.
Archuleta is CUTE ! :D


Oh yah,
The Baju Kurung issue.

Seems like everyone really dont understand where,
& why does this issue have to POP OUT IN NEWSPAPER.

Baju Kurung covered all part of our bodies already.

HOW APPEALING it can be?

& I only have Baju Kurung.
& I only love Baju Kurung.

You know why?
Because when i was still in Catholic High, there's no BAJU KURUNG allowed.

So after i changed school i bought 3 sets of Baju Kurung & I throwed my Pinafore. :)


Some touch up for HOLIDAYS!

Black toe nails because Forum night theme is Black & White.

Pink finger nails because I always put this colour.
(such a lame answer)

Spot this.

So yesterday was Saturday.
I went out with Suhui & Yi-vonne to Pyramid.

I see Su Hui everyday in school but i think the last time we hang out was ages ago.

& Yi-Vonne is my new friend. Ytd was the 1st time meeting her! :)
(her body shape is nice!)

Suhui, Yi-vonne & I are future roommates HAHA.

Susu. Yiyi & Del


I bought my GOLD heels.
Suhui bought her dress.
Yi-vonne bought her everything i think.

Chun Su Hui

My Abang.

The one I recess with everyday.

Miss HOOI *

The adorable roommate :D

We gossiped a lot.
More than expected. :)

Conclusion: I enjoyed my first outing for my holiday.

Opinion please :)

Paradise prince.

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