Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rest In Peace.


Sorry mummy for all the things i have done to hurt you.

You're my everything :)

(today i woke up late, never go to church. Sorry mum. Sorry Lord Jesus!)
(mum must be freaking angry with me later! =/)

Should be spending mum lunch later. Giving her nothing =/

I will appreciate my life more from now onwards.

Few of my friend's friend, Jeffrey had pass away few days ago.
With his BMW car crashed into the highway wall(neh those to support the over bridge) during midnights.

Eventhough i dont know him, but its really a very sad & poor thing issue.
Through my friends, I know he's only 21 year old, he owns few Cyber cafes.

God has His own reason to take him away,
Heaven is somewhere he'll feel peace together with Jesus.



This makes me thought of one murdered case that happens to one of my very very good friend during my form ones.


Her name is Liau Wan Yee.

She, her younger sis & younger bro was murded by her own father because the father wants the mum to regret for the rest of her life.

She was my very very close friend when i was Form One.

I never experience the pain of loosing someone until the day she left me.

Until now, i still miss her a lot.
(friends in CHS should know bout this)

All i wanted to say is,

Life is short & you wont know what'll happen tomorrow.

Appreciate everyone around you before its too late.

Mostly, do not hurt yourself.


Okay, A bit sad now. Flashing back the days when I lost Wan Yee.

Gotta continue with my exams !

p/s: Leo Forum is coming within 3 weeks.

Lord, make me appreciate everyone around me more.

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