Sunday, March 02, 2008


Happy 18th Birthday MELISA ! :)

the Carlsberg :P

You'll see these pics & you'll understand :)

munsing(lifting the teapot), simon(smiling)

munsing(scratch head b'cz they wana splash him with melisa'd bday cake!), chenhao(busy doing the candle), yushi(helping chen hao) :D

At last, Melisa have to bite the candle out (nobody dare to push her b'cz munsing is there! LOL)

LIPS KISSES ! (sweet babies)

GuanWei(stoning), Kent(smoking), YongHui/Ray?( busy eating his crab! lol)

Yushi(laughing at Edwin), GuanWei(i dunno what he's doing), Kent(smoking)

Melisa holding my SECRET weapon!

lol. i printed all our pics with 4R sizes & laminate all of it! :)

We're the big family at Pyramid since 05' :)

UP LEFT : jason's wife, jason, simon, chenhao, kenny, yonghui, guanwei & kent

DOWN LEFt : me, melisa, munsing, edwin & yushi

we really had fun ytd night! aww! i love you guys! pyramid rocked :D

p/s: melisa is getting her LV bag today from her mum! aww! last year she get her Swift. OMG!

loves till the end.

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