Sunday, March 16, 2008

我態度堅決, 面朝北!




That's why i said, maybe i wont be updating that often already! SO SAD LAH !

Anyway, you ppl must drop by & tag me something to cheer me weih !


Anyway, ytd was kinda bored. Went to dentist at the morning, tiff's place on the afternoon &

pyramid till 7++ only.

Nothing much happen ytd, er, i met Fibiee & Xiao Zhen ytd when i was at pyramid. :)


But i was pretty fun on friday! (even tho i cant follow sher & jess to ou, but i did my own

shopping ma!) my fri afternoon was very fun because i went shopping! Woohooo! I went

home around 6something.

And then at night around 8 plus i went out to Pyramid again to celebrate Kui's bday at

Barcelona ! :D

A lot of pictures! :)

adele with make ups. OMG. (before leaving)

When i reached, ate Pizza Hut with them & they went lorong,

dunno what they doing lah.

obviously, they were SMOKING. zZ

They were bored enough to play this kinda lame shit.


After that, we went to Ming Tin.

simon & kent

Snooker. ( waikeat, kokmun & bi)


They were walking to carpark. Lazy enough. Wanna DRIVE to barcelona. OMG

We reached Barcelona. Its after 12am, so 3 bottles for RM950. ( before 12 is RM780 only!)

Nah, i'm in. (i hate this chop)

My first snap after i came in. (wonder why i always snap blue lights only.)

heh, orange combine BLUE.

They started to play the game. (kent was shouting ''YAM!'' , which mean DRINK)

See Simon & my boyf, aww. WE LOOK UGLY . yeah, tipsy ma!

Munsing's turn. laughing like hell. omg.

another random snap.

Again & again, they wont stop drinking.

& this couple would not stop taking pics! so cute kan?!

Munsing was like, NO MEANS NO! haha

'' I DRINK !! '' he mentioned.

*lifting up the bottle*

Now he is drinking. Pure ones.

boyf start aiming ppl! LMAO. he wanna force them drink! (spot tat chiq! she keep looking us!)

She was bored enough.

Munsing & boyf was forcing the bday boy to drink.

Now he is drinking. See his mouth! OMG my skills in taking pics, bangga!

He was too tipsy. *the eh-who-r-u-face* LAUGHS!

very blur lah, me & boyf.

The last snap before i got home.

I'm so tired. look at the make ups, emmm. UGLY!


That was my friday night!! :)

I didt really dance or drink thats why i manage to snap so many pictures!


tomorrow is my examination day, wish me luck alright?

i'll miss you guys, so much !!!

MUST DROP BY OKAY ? pinky promise! :)


p/s: boyf dont wanna reply my msgs, i'm sad. :



" 这日子不再绿 又斑驳了几句 "

i know these days, we both are not happy, can we stop our arguement?

i'll learn to let go.

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