Saturday, February 16, 2008


came back from HK at 13th of feb. HK was VERY VERY COLD. 8degreee! wth.
ignore the coldness feelings i had at HK & ShenZhen, HK was pretty fun! I just LOVE DISNEYLAND! wooo!

took plenty of pictures! will update it soon! :)

The sad-part is, WHAT THE HELL. i didt manage to really shop there. what we do is walk walk eat eat see see play play. haih. So i just manage to buy some chocolates for my babes. :( *cries*

Well, whatever.

Then the next day was Valentines! I did get SEVEN present for boyf! include :
- LV lighter that he wanted since ages ago *very cheap wan. ya i am not that expensive tho*
- Hair wax that cost me 100plus HK $
- Grey long sleeve
- Disneyland's VERY CUTE chocolates! *wtf*
- A black leather BELT
- Very cure love chocolates that wrotes ''i love you very much'' , ''i want you'' , ''i do'' , ''you look so good today'' etc. blardy cute.
- A gold pendant. *very expensive* wtf

And of cause, i get my ELLE WATCH! :D
i love it pretty much as days goes by. (:

Everything was just ordinary, but was argueing again & again with boyf. Dunno what's wrong with us.
- By the way, watched CJ7 today! CUTE *makes me laugh so loud infront of the crowd* , TOUCHED *tears flow nonstop* -.-

Will post up pictures later! :)


I realise that a real friend is someone that walks in when the others walks out.
Its does't really matter anymore.
Hurt enough.

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