Sunday, January 20, 2008

That's all i been through.

Ytd was such a HORRIBLE DAY i've been thru. I just dunno which part shall i say it first.

Well, Saturday is always my PARTY day. Ytd i suppost to join chenquan's bday and because i need to accompany huibin as well.[she's d only] And after that around 10pm i gotta join baby's friends to attend munsing's bday party at Barcelona. Grrrr! But yet, EVERYTHING GONE SO . . . [i'm just too speechless]

actually sat was also my DAD's bday, and well, actually he was out of hse since 9am morning[to acc the bloody aunty] but he rmb he gotta bring me to dentist ! At 4am. [Gaa! bloody timing! It was just middle of everything] So, dad came back around 2. Of cause i cant go out til my braces is DONE! :(

tee - tak - tee - tak -


It was 3.30pm, so dad bring me to dentist. [skip the dentist part. zz] It was very painful la! what do you think? BRACES weih! *i put blue colour elastic. zZ

After that, went home lo. i was wondering what time dad will be going out? b'cz he already done with his job ryte?[bringing me to dentist] And then suddenly dad said : where u guys wanna have dinner tonight? pyramid agn? Tony Roma's? Dragon Eye? Or del u wanna go pavilion? WTFFF! I STONE! -.- *kept silent. . . GOSH?! if i have to follow them for dinner, then my two party.. i just don dare to imagine that. went up my room and cried. :'(

- think, think, think!

I called my mum!

del: whr u mi?
mum: around taipan why?
del: pls help me! u come back home now and then bring me out and tell daddy i got youth meeting! pls mamiiii ! [was begging until my tears spread all around the phone.]
mum: okok la. 10mins reaching home.

When mum reached home, i quickly make - myself - ready, and then went off without telling my dad b'cz he was sleeping tho. and i know later when he's awake HE'LL DEFINATELY CALL ME! Nah, i dun care so much! aim for my parties! :D [with bloody mouth and teeth pain]

around 6plus i reached pyramid. pass by parkson, i felt so paiseh. Chanel asked me to work but i said i gt dental appointment till 6pm. ishh, *feel bad*
Before i go up i.t centre to find my baby, i saw melisa. lol. walked with her to get miniature from the perfume nita. After that, we both went up to I.T centre.

Met with my baby, followed by kent and simon. so we decided going to kimgary and have some drink, while waiting huibin,quan and yingwen to come over.

And here they came. chit chat chit chat.*

Then we all went RedBox since it was already 8pm. And now comes the bloody part*

boyf: eh they sing until what time?
me: 12 gua. why
boyf: do you know we're going to Barcelona at 10plus?
me: yeah, so later arond 10 we come out la k? [humble voive yuno!]
boyf: [very mmsong face] and we stil need to pay 60bucks per person!?
me: [turned up very mmsong as well] dont wan dont go la!

* then i just apologize to the bdey bot quan and huibin and i ran off. [dramatic sial] -.-

Kent knew me and boyf was argueing, so he suggest to have dinner at Uncle Lim's. And we follow. Everything was jus, back to normal :)

then kent went off to deliver those liquor to his gf's sis. By the way, kok mun came.

Until it was 10pm. We[baby simon kokmun me] went to Asian Avenue because i was looking for scarfs. And i bought one, WHITE :) loving it! <3

everyone started to get bored and angry because kent munsing melisa went to deliver those liquor and just leave us here.


they came. So we just straight go to Barcelona.
We didt have to wait long and we get in since munsing knew the manager there. Found our table and sat down. Didt wanna open bottle first because were waiting for Ah Kui to come join us. Was't really enjoying, was waiting jiashin to come join me! [she called and ask me whr i'm going around 10? and we both was so ''ngam'' going Barcelona!]
But at last i still didt met her b'cz mum wanted to fetch me at 12pm SHARP. wtf

- I DIDT ENJOY AT ALL! this is the very bloody first time i went in to clubs but NEVER DRANK LIQUOR & DANCE . AT ALL! wtfwtf.

i went home - :(

p/s : will continue posting bout the mid-night-been-thru. :D


shinyee lim said...

woots babe! need help? (:

just me :) said...

lol damn wtf

Anonymous said...

shinyee : yeah! how ah. u just help me la. i bagi u mypassword.

grace : duh. its like. bloody.