Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Do you think I really should do this?

Its the 4th day of holiday! ;)

I'm glad that I did not waste my four days!
How about you?

Have you planned your holidays?

I told myself not to waste my holidays this time.

Wanna play? Just go ahead.
Wanna word hard on studies? Its a must.
Wanna meet up with friends? I will do it.

I dont wanna regret for wasting my holidays after these two weeks.
(I always regret one lah I dunno why)


So today was,

Grandma's younger sis came over with her husband.

my popo, her sis & her sis's husband.

& they bought me this ! :D

Caramel Hazelnut Chocolates! ;p

I picked Jia Shin from her place & we headed to tiff's place around 1pm.


More secrets! ;D

Sang, chat & discussed bout our dance ;)
Went home around 6pm.

Oh yah!
I'm currently into this book! :D

Was reading this since morning! HAHAHA!

Am I consider a CHILDREN still?

Not that thick lah.

Not full of words also! :D

Currently still reading Genesis.
Slowly slowly ;)


I've got my SEVENTEEN June issue from Jessica babe!
Thanks darling! ;)

You know what?

I was finding June issue since last week but I dunno why I just cant find it.
Went 2 stores & It was SOLD OUT!

Eh come on lah, JUNE HAVEN REACHED YET! =/


Loo Jia Shin was inside this month issue !


Page 76.
About white lies. LOL!


I force my lil brother to put my future husband(you-know-who) as wallpaper!

Such evil sister I am! ;)

My baby Archuleta! ;D

That's all for today! ;)

Who's confirm going to Summer Splash?
Tag me & let me know ya!

See you!


Tiff darling, cheer up kay? Dont emo emo lagi!
I wanna see you smile, always! ;)

Loves you! mwuahs!

I'm still waiting the day you turn back.

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